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Our third annual public survey to determine the top US retained executive search firms ran from 1 st August until 31 st October 2023 and saw participation from over 18,000 senior executives that form both client and candidate groups. This year, we saw eight new entrants to the Top 49 Ranking List and comprises of five women owned firms.

In a guarded industry such as executive search, where public feedback is hard to come by, often potential clients have very little data to help them make the right decisions. Our survey data is used by over 180 clients to decide on which search firm to work with.

imageOur online public survey is designed to gather maximum feedback from respondents in under 60 seconds. The key information we gather from respondents are:

  • Professional career level of the participant
  • Participant profile – whether candidate or client
  • Industry of the participant
  • Search firm, each participant wishes to rate
  • Participant’s experience with the search firm and how likely are they to recommend a search firm to others (NPS)

Our survey focuses on retained executive search firms that use research driven methodology to identify and select the best available candidates. The ranking covers executive search firms that are headquartered and have the most number of Consultants in the US.

Our ranking is not solely based on revenue or size of the business. “Revenue-only” approach to ranking puts smaller firms and those not willing to disclose revenue at a disadvantage even though they are deeply valued and trusted by candidates and clients alike.

All our software products for search firms are free to use. This helps us manage the ranking process in an unbiased manner. If you are a search firm, you can gain access to our confidential job description sharing and tracking platform for free. Contact us at

This ranking is the result of an evaluation process within the parameters set by C-Suite CV Secure, Inc., its affiliates, and partners if any. C-Suite CV Secure would not comment on the quality of executive search firms that are not included in the ranking, and their reputation is not disputed. For more information on logo licensing and methodology, please write to

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