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Ridgeway Partners Ranked a Top US Search Firm

By Press Releases, Ridgeway News

NEW YORKOct. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — C-Suite CV Secure, Inc., a New York headquartered resume sharing and tracking technology company for C-Suite executives announced its 2022 ranking for America’s Top 49 Retained Executive Search firms.

Heidrick & Struggles retained the top position followed by Spencer Stuart, Russell Reynolds Associates, Korn Ferry, SPMB, Daversa Partners, JM Search, Diversified Search Group, DHR International and Bespoke Partners in the top 10 positions.

See the full list here:

In a guarded industry such as executive search, where public feedback is hard to come by, often potential clients have very little data to help them make the right decisions. This is where the survey becomes relevant and significant – this survey ranking is the only trusted source of recent and genuine feedback directly gathered from the market. With strict controls in place, duplications and attempts of manipulation are detected.

This survey focuses on retained executive search firms that uses research driven methodology to identify and select the best available candidates. The ranking covers executive search firms that are headquartered and has the most number of Consultants in the US. C-Suite CV Secure survey data and ranking are the go-to source for executive search buyers who are keen on placing their time and money for the best results.

In 2022, the public survey ran from 7th October to 23rd October and forms an integral part of the overall ranking process. With over 7,800 respondents from over 54 industries and sectors, both candidates and clients provide valuable insights into their view of the market.

The ranking is not solely based on revenue or size of the business. “Revenue-only” approach to ranking puts smaller firms and those not willing to disclose revenue at a disadvantage even though they are deeply valued and trusted by candidates and clients alike.

About C-Suite CV Secure, Inc.: is a New York headquartered, technology platform that enables senior executives to confidentially share and track resume helping them retain full control of their resume. The platform precisely tracks and reports Who viewed the resume, When and How many times. Executive Search firms uses the same platform to share their confidential job descriptions to protect client confidentiality.

SOURCE C-Suite CV Secure, Inc.

Hari Krishnaswami Joins Ridgeway Partners

By Ridgeway News

As businesses make advancements, they’re relying more and more on technology to streamline processes and have more effective workflows—thereby saving them time and money. So it makes sense that companies are recognizing the importance of having someone oversee those technological strides, and Chief Technology officer hires are on the rise. Historically, it’s been the least-defined role in the C-suite, so we’re breaking down what you should be looking for if your company is hiring a CTO.

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Financial Services

2020 Asset & Wealth Management Projects

By Ridgeway News


Director of Investments
Director of Fundamental Research
Emerging Markets Small Cap Team
Healthcare Portfolio Manager (2)
Senior High Yield Analyst
Board Member (3)
Equity Analyst


Head of Intermediary Marketing
Head of National Accounts
Head of Offshore Sales
Head of Distribution
Head of Retail Marketing
Institutional Sales Director (2)
Director of Sales, RIA/Family Office/Private Bank
Group Vice President, Regional Market Leader (PWM)


General Counsel (2)
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Administrative Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer (2)


Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Revenue Officer (2)
Chief Data and Analytics Officer
Senior Vice President, Sales
Board Chair
Board Member (2)

Commitment to Excellence


Completion Rate




Stick Rate

Ridgeway Partners’ asset and wealth management team draws on decades of experience to identify and place talented leaders for global asset managers, investment boutiques, family offices, endowments and foundations, and private wealth managers.

T: (617) 399 1362
M: (857) 366 3133

T: (617) 279 8057
M: (617) 515 6636

T: (617) 399 1363
M: (617) 448 4418

T: (617) 279 0596
M: (781) 443 4915

T: (617) 279 2181
M: (617) 694 7656

Michael D. Fitzgerald joins Ridgeway Partners

By Ridgeway News

Few things are more cringe-worthy for CEO’s and heads of HR alike than churning a “rock star” executive only a few months after they’ve come on board.  Given the extraordinary amount of time and expense associated with recruiting an executive hire, this kind of departure hurts the business and the bottom line in painful ways.

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Charles preusse profiled by tuck school of business

By Ridgeway News

Charles F. Preusse II T’95 was an investment banker for 20 years before being recruited to Ridgeway Partners, a global executive search firm, eight years ago. Why the change? In investment banking he saw that the two critical drivers of a company’s success are capital and people. Preusse always enjoyed most the personal and social dynamics of what made a transaction work. Now, as a partner at Ridgeway, Preusse is a matchmaker of strategic talent: he works with his corporate clients as they build their senior management teams to position themselves for success. He and the team at Ridgeway are among the best in their business—their successful placement rate of 98 percent is peerless in their industry. “What really differentiates us is our ability as an international boutique to be incredibly focused on our clients,” he says. “The partners do the work. When you hire a Ridgeway partner, you get the partner.”

Tuck prepared Preusse well for both phases of his career. One thing he learned in the Tuck core was discipline. For example, before Tuck, he had never heard of a decision tree. Now he uses that framework every day to parse complex decisions into their component parts, and to understand and value the possible outcomes. “In my industry, I can lay out what might happen in a situation for CEOs and very senior people,” he says. “They have a lot going on. You can break it down and keep it simple. You learn a lot of that here.”

Tuck also gave Preusse confidence. At Columbia, he recalled he was surrounded by incredibly smart people. Tuck took it up a notch. “At Tuck, I found the student body that much more curious and intelligent,” he says. “Just being around that community of people for two years gives you a great deal of confidence when you come out. You are very comfortable interacting with the senior most people within organizations.”

Preusse has been out of business school long enough that the lessons from his MBA experience have seeped deeply into his mental map. He does not think about them every day, but he knows they are there. “You learn a lot at Tuck and you can always leverage it, but you don’t always realize you’re leveraging it,” he explains. “You’re just doing it.

New York, NY

Columbia University, BA, 1990

SG Cowen & Co.

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