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Welcome to the ninth, bi-annual Ridgeway Partners UK Bank Boards Analysis, as of February 2020.

We list all non executive and executive board members, including their board roles, business backgrounds,
nationality, gender and tenure.

We have also included selected analytics on the 347 directors across the 33 banks.

We have divided the sector into the following groups:
Table 1a Largest UK Bank/Mutual Boards
Table 1b Ring-Fenced and Non-Ring-Fenced UK Bank Boards
Table 2 Mid-sized Listed UK Bank Boards
Table 3 Subsidiary/Private Equity/Hedge Fund backed UK Bank Boards
Table 4 Larger UK Building Societies and Leading Irish Bank Boards
Table 5 ‘Neobank’/Fintech UK Bank Boards

UK Bank Boards Analysis Report, February 2020